No. 1366 嘘の上に築かれた国-米国はいかにして豊かになったか(パート4b:Notes)


by Larry Romanoff




{14a} The US military entered every country with a German corporate presence and claimed ownership of all German assets.

{14b} The US Confiscated Half a Billion Dollars in Private Property During WWI

{14c} A seismic shift: The First World War and the Great Depression {1914-1933},enemy%20property%20administration.%201917%20%E2%80%93%20Founding%20of%20Hermes

{14d} Escape by isle resident among WWI … – HAWAII WORLD WAR ONE

Escape by isle resident among WWI’s centennial stories

{14e} World War 1 and Southeast Asia | The Manila Times

{14f} International Legal And Political Factors In The United States Disposition Of Alien Enemy Assets Seized During World War I

{15a} This was part of the Deep State’s Morgenthau Plan, meant to complete the total destruction of Germany by permanently deindustrialising the country, to turn Germany into Europe’s dairy farm and potato patch. The intent was to forever deprive the country of not only its best scientific minds, but also of this entire second and third tier of scientific intellectuals, technicians, and skilled workers, to prevent a German attempt to rebuild itself after the war.

{15b} The Morgenthau Plan – David Irving

{15c} Morgenthau Plan – Oxford Reference


{15e} {PDF} The Morgenthau Plan {1945-1947} | Dr. Bàrbara Molas


{16a} Bacque was a popular Canadian author, his short stories, novels and articles appearing regularly in all the prominent media but, after publishing “Other Losses”, he was blacklisted and destroyed in Canada. No newspaper or magazine would return his calls, and all publishers refused contact with him. He was excoriated in the US media as a fraud, even though his research was impeccably detailed and his book carried an introduction and testimony from prominent and high-ranking American military officers. Almost no one in North America is aware of his extraordinary historical discovery since his books have been virtually banned on the continent. By contrast, his many books on this subject have been a major hit in Europe, having been translated into I believe now 15 languages, documentary movies have been made of his discovery and he is widely recognised in Europe as a prominent and respected historian.

{16b} cf. James Bacque, introduction to “Other Losses” and also the text of “Crimes and Mercies”, for a description of his travails after publication.

{17} It now seems that the popular photos we have all seen, of piles of emaciated dead bodies, were not of Jews killed by Germans {as we have been told} but of Germans killed by the Americans. An undetermined number of those incarcerated and killed were women, and more than a few were children.

{18a} The only shortage of food in Germany was caused by the Americans who forbade all external food shipments to Germany after the war, and it was widely announced that anyone attempting to smuggle food into the camps would be shot on sight. cf. James Bacque’s two books; multiple documented references.

{18b} Eisenhower’s Death Camps | National Vanguard

Eisenhower’s Death Camps

{18c} Part 2: mass murders committed by Eisenhower 1942-1950:


{19} The Paperclip Conspiracy: The Hunt for the Nazi Scientists

{20} BBC: “Project Paperclip – Dark side of the Moon”